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Unemployment Insurance

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Commonly Asked Questions About Unemployment Insurance

Q: How would I know if I am eligible to apply for benefits?

A: You would have to have worked 6 months in the base period to have enough wages to start a claim. The base period changes every quarter. Contact your local office for more details.

Q: I am not able to work. Can I file a claim for benefits?

A: If filing a claim for benefits one must be able and available for full-time work.

Q: I am out on medical leave from my employer and expected to return. Can I file a claim?

A: If you are out on medical and try to file against your employer, you are separating yourself from your employer. You may be disqualified.

Q: I live in South Carolina but worked in Georgia during the base period, where do I file an unemployment insurance claim?

A: Contact your local employment office to file an interstate claim.

Q: I am pregnant. Can I file for benefits?

A: If your doctor states you can work during your pregnancy you can file a claim.

Q: I was discharged from my job. Can I file a claim?

A: Yes, but you are not guaranteed if you will receive benefits. If you were discharged you may be disqualified for a period of not less than five (5) nor more than twenty six (26) weeks, and your maximum benefit amount will be reduced by the number of weeks of disqualification times your weekly benefit amount.

Q: I voluntarily quit my job am I eligible?

A: If you voluntarily quit your job, without good cause connected with your unemployment, you will be disqualified for the duration of your unemployment until you have earned at least eight (8) times your weekly benefit amount in employment.

Q: I worked a part time job. Would I have enough wages to file a claim?

A: The office would need to determine this by pulling up your wage record. But, you must be seeking fulltime work if you do have enough to file a claim.

Q: I receive a pension. Do I have to report this when filing?

A: Yes, if the pension was received from a base period employer.

Q: I receive Social Security. Is this deductible?

A: No, Social Security is not deducted from your unemployment benefits.

Q: I voluntarily retired from my last job. Can I receive benefits?

A: You may be disqualified for the duration of your of your unemployment until you have earned at least eight (8) times your weekly benefit amount in employment.

Q: What is the highest weekly benefit amount one can receive?

A: Currently, the maximum amount in South Carolina is $259.00 a week. Your benefit year lasts one year from the date filed, but your benefits do not last one year.


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