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Migrant Workers

Migrant & Seasonal Worker Rural Manpower Services Program

The SCWorks Aiken Center assists migrant and seasonal farm workers with referrals to employment opportunities and to community-based service organizations for assistance when socioeconomic problems are discovered. The SCWorks Aiken Center also tracks the interstate and intrastate recruitment and referral of seasonal agricultural and food processing workers. Assistance is given to youth seeking summer employment in packing and field crop work. The State Monitor Advocate and Rural Manpower Services Representative assists the farm crew leaders who need to obtain Federal licenses and help protect migrant workers and their families from exploitation. This is done in cooperation with the Regional Employment Standards Administration (Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division) which issues Farm Labor Contractor cards and licenses farm crew leaders to operate in South Carolina.

For more information or any questions concerning Rural Manpower Services please contact:

Mr. Hank Hayes
Rural Manpower Services Representation
SCWorks Aiken Center
1571 Richland Ave, East
Aiken, South Carolina 29801

The Telamon Corporation is a non-profit organization with programs in South Carolina that are targeted to several groups, including farmworkers and other low-income residents, children and youth, and non-custodial fathers. Check out their website for more information and contacts.


(803) 649-7981


(803) 649-2248


PO Box 850 | Aiken, SC 29802


2748 Wagener Rd. | Aiken, SC 29801


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Fr 8:30 am to 4:30 pm